Blazorise extensions

Learn about Blazorise extensions and how to properly install them to build your application.


The Autocomplete component offers simple and flexible type-ahead functionality.


Simple yet flexible charting for designers & developers.

Chart DataLabels

Display labels on data for any type of charts.

Chart Streaming

Chart plugin for live streaming data.

Chart Trendline

This plugin draws an linear trendline in your Chart.


The DataGrid component is used for displaying tabular data. Features include sorting, searching, pagination, content-editing, and row selection.

DataGrid Binding Data : In Memory

The DataGrid can bind to your data in memory, allowing for quick and efficient display of your data sets.

DataGrid Binding Data : Large Data

The DataGrid Read Data feature allows you to handle Large Data by providing you with a centralized ReadData Method that allows you to query your data by pages.

DataGrid Binding Data : Virtualize

Optimize performance for large data sets with the Blazorise DataGrid's virtualization feature. By only rendering the data currently visible on the screen, virtualization reduces the amount of DOM elements, resulting in improved performance and load times.

DataGrid Binding Data : Observable Data

The DataGrid can bind observable data, so whenever the underlying collection is changed the DataGrid is automatically updated.

DataGrid Columns

Learn to use and work with the Blazorise DataGrid Columns to customize and configure the columns in a data grid. Explore various column types, such as text, numeric, date, and boolean, to display and manipulate data effectively. Utilize column-specific features like sorting, filtering, and formatting to enhance the presentation and functionality of your data grid. Gain expertise in creating custom columns to meet specific requirements and provide tailored data visualization options.

DataGrid Context Menu

Right-click on any row to access options such as editing, deleting, and custom actions.

DataGrid Editing

The DataGrid can perform some basic CRUD operations on the supplied Data collection.

DataGrid Filtering

Quickly search and filter by any column, or customize filter options to fit your needs.

DataGrid Fixed Header

The table header remains visible as you scroll, making it easy to identify and reference the data in your grid.

DataGrid Grouping

Grouping feature for Blazorise DataGrid allows you to easily group and organize your data by specific columns.

DataGrid Paging

Paginate your data with customizable page size options and intuitive navigation controls.

DataGrid Resizing

Easily adjust the size of your columns with the Blazorise DataGrid's resizing feature. Drag and drop column edges to resize, or use customized options to fit your needs.

DataGrid Sorting

Blazorise DataGrid offers efficient data sorting with customizable options.

DataGrid Header Group

Header Group feature for Blazorise DataGrid allows you to easily group a set of defined columns by rendering a top row header which groups the columns by the defined Caption

DataGrid Single Selection

Easily select and manage a single row of data with the Blazorise DataGrid's single selection feature. Select a row by clicking on it or programmatically, and access the selected data for further use.

DataGrid Multiple Selection

Select and manage multiple rows of data with ease using the Blazorise DataGrid's multiple selection feature. Select rows by clicking on them or programmatically, and access the selected data for further use.

DataGrid Custom Row Colors

Easily color code your data with the Blazorise DataGrid's custom row color feature.

DataGrid Templates : Button Row

Easily customize the action buttons shown with the Blazorise DataGrid's button row template feature.

DataGrid Templates : Commands

Customize your action commands with the Blazorise DataGrid's commands template feature. Assign custom templates to the command column, such as editing and deleting, or add your own custom actions.

DataGrid Templates : Detail Row

Easily expand and display additional information for each row using the Blazorise DataGrid's detail row template feature.

DataGrid Templates : Display

Customize how your data is displayed in each cell using the Blazorise DataGrid's display template feature. Assign custom templates to individual columns, allowing for more control over how your data is displayed.

DataGrid Templates : Edit

Assign custom edit templates to individual columns, allowing for more control over how data is edited.

DataGrid Templates : Loading

Customize the loading look of the Blazorise DataGrid with the loading template feature.

DataGrid Templates : Row Overlay

When enabled, the Row Overlay feature allows you to display supplementary data or contextual information directly on top of specific rows within the DataGrid.


The DropdownList component allows you to select a value from a list of predefined items.


Icons are symbols that can be used to represent various options within an application.

List View

List views are a flexible and powerful component for displaying a series of content in a contained scrollable view by providing a data source.

Lottie Animation

The LottieAnimation component is used to embed JSON-based Lottie animations.


A component used to crop images.


A wrapper component used to add loading indocators UI to other components.


The Markdown component allows you to edit markdown strings.


The RichTextEdit component allows you to add and use a ‘WYSIWYG’ rich text editor.


The SelectList component allows you to select a value from a list of predefined items.


The Sidebar component is an expandable and collapsible container area that holds primary and secondary information placed alongside the main content of a webpage.


Snackbar provide brief messages about app processes. The component is also known as a toast.


A component used to show loading indicators animated with CSS.


The TreeView component is a graphical control element that presents a hierarchical view of information.


A Video component used to play a regular or streaming media.


A component used to generate QR codes.


A validation component for building strongly-typed validation rules.
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