Blazorise DataGrid Features

Learn to use and work with the Blazorise Blazorise DataGrid features, ranging from paginations, sorting, editing, filtering, resizing, and many more.

DataGrid Context Menu

Right-click on any row to access options such as editing, deleting, and custom actions.

DataGrid Editing

The DataGrid can perform some basic CRUD operations on the supplied Data collection.

DataGrid Filtering

Quickly search and filter by any column, or customize filter options to fit your needs.

DataGrid Fixed Header

The table header remains visible as you scroll, making it easy to identify and reference the data in your grid.

DataGrid Grouping

Grouping feature for Blazorise DataGrid allows you to easily group and organize your data by specific columns.

DataGrid Paging

Paginate your data with customizable page size options and intuitive navigation controls.

DataGrid Resizing

Easily adjust the size of your columns with the Blazorise DataGrid's resizing feature. Drag and drop column edges to resize, or use customized options to fit your needs.

DataGrid Sorting

Blazorise DataGrid offers efficient data sorting with customizable options.

DataGrid Header Group

Header Group feature for Blazorise DataGrid allows you to easily group a set of defined columns by rendering a top row header which groups the columns by the defined Caption


See the documentation below for a complete reference to all of the props and classes available to the components mentioned here.

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