Blazorise Licensing Overview

Overview of Blazorise license and product tokens.


Welcome to the Blazorise Licensing Guide. Find the best fit for your development needs and learn how to manage your license keys and product tokens seamlessly.

Difference between license keys and product tokens

Blazorise License Key

When you purchase a Professional or Enterprise Blazorise license, you receive a unique License Key. This key not only validates your purchase but also unlocks the advanced features of Blazorise.

Functions of the License Key:

  1. Account Activation: The License Key must be used to activate the user's account, confirming the authenticity of the purchase and providing access to the licensed features.

  2. Support Forum Access: The same License Key facilitates registration on the Blazorise Support Forum, granting access to technical support resources.

Blazorise Product Token

A Product Token is a unique encripted identifier generated through the Blazorise platform. Its primary purpose is to be integrated into the user's application source code. Once implemented, the Product Token serves to eliminate any licensing warning messages, ensuring a clean and uninterrupted development and runtime experience.

Whether you're a Commercial User or a proud member of our Community of Individual Developers, you can generate a Product Token.

Community and Individual Developers are welcome to apply for a Community License. To maintain integrity and confirm identity, a LinkedIn login is required to request this license.

Why You Need a Product Token?

  • Remove Licensing Warnings: Simply copy and paste your Product Token into your application’s source code. This will remove any licensing warning messages, offering you a clean, seamless development environment.

How to Generate Your Product Token?

Follow our Register Product Token guide to generate your product token.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are the License Key and Product Token the same?

    A: No. The License Key verifies a commercial purchase and provides access to premium resources. The Product Token's sole function is to remove licensing warning messages.

  • Q: How can a community user obtain a Product Token?

    A: Community users must log into their Blazorise account via LinkedIn, and access the 'Product Token' section to generate a token.

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